Let the Pursuit Begin

The Watch Makers of the Metaverse are here with their rare and magnificent collection of 3,999 luxury NFT's on the Solana Blockchain. These genie powered NFTs are embedded with 150 unique traits generated by the Apes of AWC Workshop. Only the novel, foresighted and luxury lovers will be able to possess this magical asset.

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  • In the year 250bc a principled watch maker, Ape Sage was out in the Black Sea to find rare elements for his luxury handmade watch collection when a strong Sea-force gulped him in and thrust him out with a huge magical rock. This super powerful rock could move, fly and bring fortunes to the owner.
  • 'No one person should have access to this much power!', shouted Ape Sage. He broke the magical rock into 3,999 small pieces after being divinely inspired and sent them to the principled Apes across the globe fixed in his unique watch collection.
  • Generations went by and the 3,999 Ape watch owners prospered in their wealth and success due to the lucky stones embedded within the watches. An evil Ape Betty on a mission to own all the luxury of the world to herself, discovered this secret. She sent spies across Planet Earth to retrieve these watches and her instructions were clear, 'cut their arms off if they resist handing over the watches'.
  • Ape Ryu, the great grandson of Ape Sage went to rescue his great grandfather's legacy. Finally, he got the hands and watches back from Ape Betty. He is now on the mission to find the rightful owners of those precious watches and hands. All of ApeKind's safety and existence is now on the shoulders of Ape Ryu. This is only the start to the endless story about the Ape Watch Club.

Ape Watch Club Community

By holding an AWC NFT, you get special access to future NFT drops that are part of the continuous evolution of the story line. Get access to future roadmap activations, gifts and prizes along the way and be a part of our NFT project to unlock real world value through events like exclusive luxury watch giveaways. The Ape Watch Club is building a community of the preemptive, the foresighted Apes who wish to capitalize on the powers of the stone.



Get ready to mint your AWC NFT in early November 2021. Limited edition traits will be an added advantage to your NFTs. Each NFT will be special and unique so you hold a beam of power nevertheless. You will receive a randomly generated unique NFT immediately upon minting.


Ape Watch Club NFT SPECS

  Our AWC NFT's are a combination of 3D and 2D design elements.

  Each of the 3,999 NFT's will be a unique token on the Solana Blockchain.

  All of the NFTs will be stored forever on the Solana blockchain.

  The mint price per AWC NFT for Gen 0 is 0.30 SOL.

  No bonding curve – we ensure fair launch and fair distribution for all participants.

  AWC membership will cost the same for everyone.


The story is not over yet…

The events in this Metaverse are continually evolving. Ape Betty is perplexed and Ape Ryu is on the mission to distribute this power among the watch lovers of the world so they could all prosper and benefit with the hidden powers of the stone together. There is much more to redeem and claim by the watch owners as the story continues to unfold…



Our mission is to develop the NFT industry with innovative vision advancing the NFTs to match the pace of the evolving, futuristic world. Our aim is to build a strong community of individuals who are ready to jump in the sea and retrieve the fortune future holds for them. We are here to stay and lead.

Horizon 1: Building a Strong Community

After the minters enter the Metaverse of AWC, they will be offered entry to a Luxury Brand Watch Giveaway and will be given access to future AWC air drops.

Horizon 2: Building the Metaverse

The minters will be offered a Gen 0 comic book launched by AWC and will be airdropped another NFT as part of the storyline. A virtual hunt will be held to give away amazing prizes to those who could hunt it by virtually traveling around the globe.

Horizon 3: Growing from Virtual to Real

A real world treasure hunt will follow the virtual hunt for holders to win valuable prizes. We plan to launch a luxury brand of real life watches under the name AWC and explore the commercial licensing opportunities to further make AWC a leading global brand.

Horizon 4: Brand the Legacy

Our advanced vision includes the scoping of an AWC blockchain game (Play to Earn) and a full length 3D animated movie.


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AWC Family


Ape Willy

Technical Lead


Ape Ken

Creative Lead


Ape Chow

Marketing Lead